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Terms and Conditions for Report Campus Hate 

The partners will evaluate your incident report and determine whether further action by the partners is appropriate. We may take the following action with respect to your incident report:  

  1. Act in an investigatory capacity to gather facts and data surrounding the incident. 

  2. Contact the person or entity against whom the complaint was made.  

  3. Contact university leaders and/or law enforcement. 

  4. Provide informational resources regarding antisemitism, hate, bigotry and bias. 

  5. Use this information for communal security threat assessment, notifications, and security-related responses. 

The partners do not act as your legal representative and make no promises as to the outcome of your incident report.  


I have read and acknowledge the foregoing, and I further acknowledge that the activities of the partners, and their past and present members, officers, directors, agents, employees, representatives, and related entities thereof, are advisory only, and that the partners are not acting as my legal counsel or legal representative.   

I understand that it is solely my responsibility to ensure that legal action is initiated prior to the expiration of any applicable Statutes of Limitations.  

I further agree that under no circumstances shall the partners be responsible for any liability, loss, or damage which I may suffer, caused by the partners, or any third party, resulting from the partners’ involvement in my incident report. By my signature below, I and my successors, transferees, assigns and related entities, hereby release the partners from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, rights, liabilities, damages, attorney's fees, costs, torts, or any lawsuits, at law or in equity or otherwise, which are related in any way, directly or indirectly, to the partners' acts and/or omissions arising out of or relating to the incident report. 

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